InterChange Services Overview

LoanSphere ® InterChange Services is the mortgage industry's largest value-added electronic data interchange (EDI) network. This communications vehicle enables file transfers between mortgage servicers and their business trading partners and online access to LoanSphere MSP ® for service providers. Special features include a file level audit trail, translation and mapping.

Clients can opt for a dedicated connection to the network to support large or frequent file transfers or a high volume of MSP online transactions with multiple users. Alternatively, Black Knight offers an IC Web product suite that provides access via the Internet.

The IC Web suite, including IC Web VPN, IC Web FTPSecure and IC Web SFTP for file transfers and IC Web CICS for MSP online transactions, utilizes existing hardware and software, lowers costs including the expense of a dedicated line, and increases the speed of implementations over dedicated lines.

InterChange Services currently connects 80 lenders with more than 160 service providers and annually supports in excess of 3 million file transfers, 80 billion kilobytes of data, and 1.7 billion CICS transactions. This EDI solution enhances the integrity of file transfers and accelerates service operation timelines. Complementing this business-to-business electronic solution for lenders and their service providers is Black Knight's Mortgage Web Services.

Mortgage Web Services are functional groupings of MSP and third-party data and services that Black Knight makes available to lenders and service providers using standard transfer protocols (HTTPS) and interfaces (SOAP/XML). The suite of Mortgage Web Services offered by Black Knight overcomes the technical challenges of accessing and integrating MSP and third-party data at the loan-level, and provides a secure and highly efficient means of data exchange with customers, interchange clients and employees. Find out more at

InterChange Services Mission

InterChange Services area is to be pro-active in understanding our client's needs and provide solutions from BlackKnight Products and Services in a solution based presentation. InterChange Services is striving to become a “Value-Added partner” versus another vendor for you to manage.